Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Thrift Store Lamp Redo #2

This is the second lamp I just refreshed and moved upstairs to my bedside table.  It is an old Princess House Crystal Lamp.  The hurricane piece  has the Princess House pattern etched into the glass.

When I bought the lamp the silver metal parts were not in the best of shape.  I used several colors of Rub N  Buff to give the metal a vintage look.

I removed the old moss branches and replaced them with fresh branches intertwined with a piece of rose garland and a few glittered green leaves.  I also added the porcelain white bird back to the lamp.


I used a rose leftover from the garland for the top of the lamp finial.  First I took the calyx off the bottom of the bloom and turned it upside-down and hot glued it to the top of the lamp finial.  

Next I hot glued each petal so the rose stays together and glued the finished rose to the top. 

I replaced the original shade on the lamp and moved it to the bedroom.   This was a quick pick me up that gave the lamp a fresh look.

Happy Crafting!

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