Monday, February 13, 2017

Powder Room Reveal

My little freshen up the powder room took much more time than I had planned but the results were totally worth the work.

I cut in around the edges and then used a roller to cover the walls in a heavy coat of paint with primer.  But there was no way I was going to get away with just one coat.  

The worst part about painting such a small room with no windows is even in cool weather the room heats up really quickly.  I had to keep coming out the get cool air.  So glad the painting is finished and dry.

Painting the ceiling was another problem the edge of the ceiling where it meets the wall was very uneven.  The only way to make the dramatic color change was to tape off the wall about 1/2 " down from the ceiling and continue the black paint down the wall to the tape line.

  Just as the ceiling dried my stars, that weren't scheduled to arrive until the end of the month, arrived in the mail.  Great timing.  I stuck 50 mirrored acrylic stars to the ceiling.

Then it was time to bring the decor items back into the powder room.

Moved this shelf from another room to hold towels and candles and pretty things. Also moved the glass shelf over the sink from another spot.  The turquoise lidded dish holds cotton balls and Q-tips.

The room lacked any kind of storage.  I had to get creative.

Painted the cabinet next to the sink to match the wall color.

Also painted the tissue holder in the corner to match the color scheme.

I love dragonflies, however this wall pocket was too dark of a green and the insects too purple.  I toned it down with a couple of colors of chalk paint.

Same for this little bird.  It was dark green.  Just wouldn't go with the new look so it got painted, too.

I made this little doll awhile back and thought I would move her to the shelf since her colors were a good match.

Found this little bird and this pretty wall pocket at the Vintage Fair this weekend, again perfect color, so I added a crystals to coordinate with the other bird on the shelf above.

Spot to rest my bracelets while washing my hands.

Another little accent I borrowed from another room.  You can see the Paris theme forming here.

I already had black and gold towels for this room.  I know I just recently said I was removing gold from my house.  But for some reason I like it in here.  Maybe it is because this room is so dark the little bit of sparkle livens up the room.

And I added some artwork.  I can never have too much artwork in a room.  I'm not worried about moisture in here since it is only a half bath, no shower or tub moisture to ruin the art.

Couple more pictures on adjacent wall.

And a surprise little picture behind the door on the hook.

I decoupaged the light switch cover to match.

And added a little metal plant stand with flowers.  Painted the top to match the other items in the room.

Added a tan throw rug in front of the sink to keep toes warm on the cold floor.  You can see how tiny this room is.  Almost the entire floor is in view in this shot.

And hung a Paris themed shabby chic wreath on the outside of the door.  

That is it, all done and ready to use this redecorated room again.

Happy Decorating!

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