Friday, February 3, 2017

Aligator Clip Banner Chain

Throughout the year I enjoy hanging different seasonal banners or garlands in my front window.  However, it is always such a pain to climb the ladder to put them up and take down not to mention not the safest thing to be climbing ladders.

Well, awhile back I saw an idea on one of those sites where they offer one home decor item each day at a reduced price.  That is were I got the idea to make a banner holder with clips on a metal chain.  The sites I checked out charge anywhere from $13.00 to $18.00 for this type of chain and clips. 

I ordered 30 clips online for $5.00 and used a piece of chain from my jewelry supply stash.  Ended up only use 10 clips for this project and an 8 foot piece of chain to perfectly fit my window.  You could make yours any length just by adding more or less chain and clips.

 You just un-clip the pendants and change them out without taking the whole piece down.

I found a few examples on Pinterest.  As you can see this can be used for manny different seasons.

I began by measuring out the the chain and marking equal distances along the chain to add the clips.

To attach the clips I slipped them through the links of the chain and used a pair of pliers to close the loop at the top of the clip permanently attaching them to the chain.

I clipped my pendants in place just to see how it would look.  Think I will take them down and add a few pieces of ephemera to these.

I also think I will make another chain and clip for my mantle, too.

Happy Crafting!

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