Thursday, February 23, 2017

Little Thrift Store Basket

It looks like maybe we are in of a couple of days of sunshine, again.  What a relief from all the rain and wind.  The other night it sounded like the wind was ready to tear off the roof.  The winds were close to 50 mph.  On the pass to the east of us the wind reached 200 mph.

We need a few days to dry out before the next storm hits.  

We have been super lucky.  Our backyard was under water for awhile but didn't get all the way to our back door.  Sacramento is now at 230 percent of normal rainfall.  I think this is enough now.

Good time to stay indoors and work on more crafts.

Freeway collapse

This was a very simple and quick project.

Found this cute little basket at the thrift store for 25 cents.  I thought it would be so cute as part of my Easter Decorations.

Not crazy about the color.

I liked the inside color, so I used a dry brush to just lightly coat the raised areas with a white paint.

After the paint was dry I filled my basket with a sheet of green paper grass, that I bring out every year.  Added some faux carrots, a daffodil and a vintage chicken holding an egg.

So cute.  And ready to take it's place in my Spring themed decor.

Happy Crafting!

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