Monday, February 6, 2017

Thrift Store Lamp Redo #1

I have a couple of thrift store lamps, one I have had for awhile that I use by my reading chair that I want to move to my bedside table and the other one I just purchased this weekend.

I love old fashioned bowl and Pitchers.  I have a collection on the top of my media cabinet.  Some are newer, some very old.

 So when I spotted a bowl and pitcher lamp I had to buy it plus it didn't hurt that it was half off the price.  I really don't like the wood color.  Too dark and too much contrast to the white ceramic pitcher.

Or the color of the finial.

Not sure about this lamp shade that came with the lamp.  It looks dingy and old.

I began by thoroughly cleaning the lamp and then painting the wood to compliment the pottery of the bowl and pitcher.

I used a chalk paint called Timeless.

First off, I gave the bottom a coat of paint.

Then I continued with the rest of the base.

1st coat drying.

Neck of lamp painted and drying.

After the paint was dried I tried one lamp shade.  It looked alright, but decided to redo the lampshade that came with the lamp instead.

I used about 1 yard of Muslin fabric and tore it into about one inch strips .

Each strip is about 2 times the length of the lamp shade plus enough extra fabric to tie a square knot.  I tied each strip to the shade and staggered the knots until I had covered the entire shade.

I didn't have to worry about completely covering the original lamp shade since it was already white.   I tied the strips of fabric as close as possible.  I like the shabby look of the lampshade.  So that is the keeper shade.

Happy Crafting!

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