Friday, February 24, 2017

Vintage Silhouettes

Silhouettes have been popular in home decor for quite some time.

These two little silhouettes have been in our family over 60 years.  They were originally cut at Knott's Berry Farm in Southern California in the mid 1950's.

It was time to give them a little face lift.  Their little frames were not in the best of shape and the background paper has yellowed with time.  

There isn't much I can do about the background paper but I could paint the frames to make them blend better.

I started with a base coat of dark gray.

And when that was dry I painted both with black acrylic paint.

While that coat of paint was drying I washed and polished the glass and reinstalled it back into the dried frames.  Then I put the little silhouettes back into the frames and hung them on the wall.

And here they are hanging on our gallery wall on our stairs to the second floor.  A little bit of time and paint makes such a huge difference.

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