Monday, February 27, 2017

Thrift Store Metal Planter

Here is another one of my $1.00 finds at our local Hospice Thrift Store.  Actually this is a picture of a planter very similar to the one I bought.  Somehow the original photo disappeared from my camera.  Mine started with a finish very much like this one.

I used the shade, Eterno, chalk paint to give this planter a base coat.

1st coat

2nd coat

Next I thinned down the color Sheepskin chalk paint with water.

And painted the entire piece and then took a paper towel and immediately wiped most of this color off giving the piece an aged appearance.

Once the paint was dry I gently used a piece of sandpaper to distress the entire planter.

Next I wrapped a few bouquets of silk flowers in paper to look like they just came from the flower market and placed them in the planter.

Another project for Spring decor.

Happy Crafting!

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