Monday, October 17, 2016

New Wall Hangings

We got our first rains of the season today.  There hasn't been a drop of rain since last May.  This is such a welcome relief.

So we ventured out in the storm today to attend this month's Vintage Gypsy Fair.  I didn't find very much, but I did find a pretty single gold trimmed vintage salt shaker I will probably make into a tassel  and a pair of miniature cast iron yard tools. 

When I finished my china cabinets a few weeks ago there was only one thing I didn't like.  The sides had holes along the front edge, which at one time must have been for shelves.  I didn't want to fill them in just in case at a later time I wanted to use them again.  But I wanted to disguise them somehow.

Luckily after I used the shelf pins on the inside I had two left over to use on the outside of the cabinet for the wall hangings to hang from.

When I saw these cast iron tools today I was certain they would be perfect to make into wall hangings.

Here are some of the elements I used.  I also used more laces and tiny birds.

I cut 2 pieces of burlap ribbons and clipped them to the two mini metal hangers.

Next I cut wire and wired the tools to the ribbon.

And bent the wire on the back to secure.

Using hot glue I added some pretty lace at the top.

I also used a little bit of hot glue in a few places just to make the tools stable.

Next each hanging received a pale yellow flower.

A crocheted mini doily and a pearl cabochon .

Under the tool I cut to size a small cardboard tube and adhered it to the back of the ribbon with hot glue.

Next I glued a couple of lace flowers to the tube on the front.

Then I glued two pieces of lace under the tube at the bottom of the ribbon.

And two little birds and some paper shred to make a nest for the birds.

And hot glued those onto the top of the tube.

Then I glued some real tree twigs to each side of the tube.

Also another flower at the bottom of the handle of each of the tools.

And they where all done and ready to hang.  So happy how they fit perfectly and cover the little holes at the side of my cabinets.

You could make these using large silver salad fork and spoon instead of the cast iron tools.

Later I could use these in another area if I choose to move my cabinets.

Happy Crafting!

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