Sunday, October 9, 2016

Altered Stove Burner Cover

When we bought a new stove we purchased a glass top range.  I had no further use for my metal burner covers.  But of course I couldn't just toss them away.  They were put in my workroom until an idea came to me to use them.  I have one small one and one large one left.

This project uses the small one.  And below you can see the elements I began this project with.  The burner cover, paper dragonflies, flat back pearls, lace and a Dollar Store glass candle holder.

The first thing I did was to cut and glue a circle of foam core board to the underside of the burner cover to give it more strength.

Next I glued the candle holder to the center bottom and painted the bottom of the glass with Aqua acrylic paint. Then I painted the burner cover with a coat of chalk paint, let that dry and sanded it smooth.

For the lace, edging using scissors, I cut the original piece of lace in half, cutting off the lower section of lace.  I will use that for another project. 

Then I began to glue the dragonflies to the top, using Mod Podge,  starting with an entire insect and surrounding it with bits of additional dragonflies as though they were flying around.

Many days in the summer I see the dragonflies flying over our yard by the dozens just like this.

After they were all glued down cut to fit and dry I gave the entire top surface another coat of Mod Podge.

Next I glued large flat back pearls to the edge of the burner cover.  Although now I should call it a stand since you can no longer tell that it once had a life as a lowly burner cover.

With the very flat surface on top I decided to add a row of pearls around the top, just slightly raised to make sure what ever I put on top of this stand won't slide off the edge.

And here she is all dressed with pretty lace and pearls.

Dragonflies on top.

I think I am going to use this in my master bath to hold my ring holder and earrings I take off at night.

Happy Crafting!


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