Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Curtains for the Bedroom

I bought a couple of pretty petite rose patterned shabby chic bed sheets from an estate sale.  One was white with pink roses and the other was pale green with pink roses.

For this project I chose to use the green sheet to sew two pairs of curtains for our 2 bedroom windows. The walls are painted a muted grey green that goes beautifully with this fabric.  The green inside goes so well with all  the natural green outside.  It makes the room seem very restful and peaceful.  This green becomes a very neutral color.

I bought this pile of lace at a church bazaar, I plan to sew both these laces to the bottom to the curtain panels.

First I stitched the 4 panels to fit just the size of the windows.  I wanted them just to touch the window sill since I have a kitty that likes to sit in the windows.  If they were too long she would have a hard time getting in and out of the window.

When the panels were stitched and hemmed I added the two rows of lace to the bottom of each panel.

Here they are all finished and hung in the window. 

I love to look out on our backyard, so for the daytime I added to pull backs one to each side of the window in order to  pull the curtains back and enjoy the view during the daylight hours.

Under the curtains I have window shades I made a couple of years ago.  They just roll up and the ties form bows to hold them open at any height.  They can be tied all the way to the top or just a few inches or any place in between.  They really help block out the light if one of us needs to sleep during the daytime.

Happy Sewing!

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