Thursday, October 20, 2016

Refinished Mirror Frame

I have always loved the style of this small mirror.  It is a little over a foot tall and can hang on the wall or be free standing.  But I have had it in storage because the color no longer fit with my decor.
It just looked too Tuscan for my tastes, now.

I gathered my favorite colors of chalk paint and decided to give it a Parisian Gray base coat with soft pastel highlights and finish off with dry brushed white.

Here it is getting the coat of gray.  This took quite some time to get the gray paint into all those nooks and crannies.  I already like it better than before.

Totally gray.  I used a piece of scrap cardboard to slide between the frame and mirror to keep the glass paint free.

Next I highlighted the roses pink and the bows.

Then the greenery got a highlighting of the aqua.

 And the final step was to dry brush the white on the raised areas.

The white helped to tone down the pink and aqua and give the piece a more aged appearance.  It is amazing to me how different a piece can look with updated new colors.


I think it will be one of my favorite pieces of decor again.  It has a second life, now.

Happy Crafting!

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