Thursday, October 6, 2016

French Wire Earrings

Yesterday was a very busy day around here.  The cable guys came and ran a new cable line to the house by way of burrowing a path under our double wide concrete driveway.

It was pretty amazing watching them break a little hole in the concrete just big enough to reach in with installers hand and pull the cable through.  They started about 20 feet away and just aimed under the concrete with the machine that digs the tunnel about 4 inches in diameter under the concrete.  And sure enough out came the cable at the other end of the hole in the concrete.  Reminds me of playing pool.  Just aim for the pocket and the ball goes in or in this case the cable comes out.

Tomorrow the next crew arrives to run the cable around the outside of the house and into the house to our modem.  Hopefully this will mean we will finally have a working phone line again.

All our trouble began when we decided to switch internet carriers and found out they couldn't use their old line, they needed to run everything new.  Well new line is in, only waiting for connection.

So today I made a quick project.  I have had these beads setting on my work table for several months trying to decide what configuration I wanted to use to put them together.  

This is what  I finally ended up doing.

I decided to use these long drop French earring wires.

Too bad I didn't get these finished during the summer months when I wear a lot of turquoise.

Oh well,  I still like the way they turned out.

Happy Crafting!

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