Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Primitive Fall Mason Jar Light

I have been wanting to make something with this electric light part that was left from another light I had broken the base to.  I salvaged the light part and put it in my stash for later use.

So, this morning I decided to use a mason jar and make a Fall light out of it.

Here are the elements I used.

Mason Jar, cinnamon, coffee grounds, brown paint, orange paint, hot glue and berry branches.

I started with the glass mason jar.  I used a liberal amount of Mod Podge on the glass working in sections.
First I sprinkled a few coffee grounds then added cinnamon powder to cover that section of glass.  Then continued one section at a time until the whole jar was covered.  I then left it sit in front of a fan for a few minutes to dry and gave the jar a second coat of Mod Podge, covering it completely and then I added few more sprinkles of coffee grounds and cinnamon.

coffee grounds applied first

cinnamon added

I cut a hole with my crop-a-dile tool in the lid for the plug end to slip through.

I secured the light to the lid using the attached nut.  Tightening it down onto the lid.  I covered all the exposed edges with hot glue to keep the sharp edges from cutting anything including the electric cord.

While I was waiting for the jar to dry completely I painted the lid and electric candle with brown and touches of orange acrylic paint to resemble a rusty finish.  And set aside to dry.

Next I assembled the two parts of the lamp and added a piece of loose woven fabric cut about 1 1/2 inches wide, wrapped around the lid and tied into a bow.

Time for more embellishment.

Using the berry branches I formed a small wreath to hot glue to the lid.

And finally I added a Prima orange flower to the front of the bow.

Happy Crafting!

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