Friday, January 20, 2017

Quick Change Bowl

There is a bit of sunshine for a few minutes between storms as the dark and threatening clouds gather. We are looking at another night with 50 mile an hour winds.  Time to hunker down, as they say, and weather the storm.

I made a huge pot of vegetable soup that will last us a few days.  (See recipe on October 21, 2016 post, Clean out the Frig. soup.)  This time I didn't add the pasta, instead I diced a few small Yukon Gold potatoes and added them right after I added the garlic.  That is what I love about this recipe you can make it with whatever you have on hand.  Sometimes I will add leeks or spinach. 

 I usually make this soup the night before I go shopping.  Great time to use most of the vegetables in the refrigerator and buy fresh on shopping day.

That left me time for a really quick project while the soup was simmering.

A few weeks ago I found this cute little rose bowl at a thrift sale.  What can I say I love just about anything with roses.

But ever since I bought this little bowl I have been wanting to change the color.  Love the rose design but the color was just too dark of a gray for my tastes.  To me it had the look of something that had survived a fire and was still covered with soot.

I thought it would be cute on the table for Valentine's Day filled with something.

So, I got out my pink chalk paint and gave the entire surface a light coat of paint.  Making sure to leave a few of the gray areas showing through.

I really like the light pink with just a touch of the gray in the background.

Now it is perfect for the center of our table.

Happy Crafting!


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