Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Painted Little Footstool

I inherited this little footstool from my Step-Dad.  He was a great woodworker, he had a complete wood shop and made the most amazing items. This little step stool was one of the first things he ever made in wood shop, in school in the early 1930's, as far as I can guess.

It was always something that was around but no-one ever payed much attention to.  It is very sturdy and very well made.  It had never been finished or painted so I decided I would give it a face lift and make it special.

I painted the entire stool with Parisian Grey chalk paint.

I had a couple of yards of gorgeous fringed trim to dress it up nicely.  I bought this trim a few years ago and had it tucked away for just the right project.

And here it is all dressed up and gorgeous.

I love the way it turned out and the height is just perfect for in front of my chair in the living room.

Happy Crafting!

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