Thursday, January 12, 2017

Faux Aged Candlesticks

 For this project I was going for the look of rusty aged metal pieces.  Something that would be found in the dark back corners of a French Antique market.

Here is what I began with, two very shiny bright gold candlesticks. These measure over a foot tall.

One even had a chip on top.

These are the products I used to create the look of aged rusted faux metal.

I first painted them black with regular craft black craft paint.

And when that was dry I painted them with white chalk paint, leaving some recessed areas black and let them dry.

I must be out of the habit of taking pictures because I missed that step.

After the white was dry I dribbled the alcohol ink onto the surface and quickly dabbed and smeared it with a paper towel.

The chip is no longer visible with all the aging on the piece.

  I used the gray chalk paint to mute any areas that were too bright.  Next using a small brush I applied the Stickles to a few areas that might have formed salt or metal crystals as they aged.

And here they are dressed for Valentine's Day with candle bobeches and red crystals.  After Valentines day I will trade the red crystals out for clear crystals.

And I see a peak at tomorrow's project.

Happy crafting!

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