Monday, January 30, 2017

Fireplace Screen

Just before Christmas my cat decided it would be fun to play in the soot in the fireplace.  Twice.

The first time she was covered and so was the house all the way upstairs to my bed.  I not only had to wash rugs and the bedspread, I had to bathe the cat.  Not a fun project.

That is when I decided we needed a fireplace screen to stand in front of the fireplace.  We can't install one in the fireplace because of it's odd curved top shape.  I had had it blocked off but she managed to push that cover out of her way.  We don't use the fireplace anymore, too many restrictions on days it can be lit.  So I new I could put something there that was fairly heavy.

I found a very large picture frame at the thrift store for a couple of dollars.  Order a couple of shelf brackets and a ceiling tile online.

picture frame and shelf brackets

Ceiling tile

I measured and cut a piece of thick cardboard to fit the opening where the glass was installed and covered the edges with some large paper I had in  my stash

 Next I hot glued the ceiling panel to the cardboard and dry brushed it with white paint.

During the holidays I always check out Costco to see what kind of ribbons and trims they are selling in their holiday displays.  One year I found a couple of these spools of glitter trim.  I have been using them ever since to trim and to decorate projects.

Using hot glue I mitered the corners and added the trim around the ceiling tile to give a finished edge.

The next thing I did was to make a black paint wash with black acrylic paint and water.  I washed over the bright gold frame, the paper, glitter trim and areas of the ceiling tile.

And finally I hot glued the shelf brackets to the bottom front edges of the frames to act as legs so my fireplace cover will stand in place.  Here is a picture before I placed it in front of the fireplace.  I still think I want to do something with the space between the frame and the ceiling tile.  But I will have to think on that for awhile.  At least for now I won't be having another sooty cat running around the house.

Oh the joys of being a pet owner.  Of course, I wouldn't want it to be any other way.

Happy Crafting!

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