Monday, January 9, 2017

Storm of the Decade and Weekend Finds

Wow,  the storm of the decade is upon us and another on the way.  It has already been eventful.  High gusts of winds are playing havoc with our yard.  There will be plenty of clean up when this is over next week.  And temperatures are unseasonably warm with highs and lows being the same.  Some temps. up to 63 degrees.  The weathermen call this the pineapple express as moisture moves in from the tropics bringing high chances of flooding to the region.

We are in for a series of storms all week.  Well, we wanted a change of weather patterns for California.  But not to the point of evacuations and flooding.

This is a good week to stay indoors, hunker down, hope the electricity stays on and have a cup of tea. Good time to craft, too.

I have been loving the look of mermaid fabric.  But most of it has a very high price.
While browsing awhile back on Amazon I spotted a pillow cover that was a great price and a good color especially for Valentine's Day.  I decided to configure a pink heart on a gold background.

So cool.

Over the weekend I bought some thrift store finds ready for makeovers and craft supplies, too.  Stay tuned for the makeovers.  Here's a look at my finds.

I found a couple of grapevine wreaths that will be getting makeovers later.

Lots of craft supplies, laces, ribbon, rickrack, plate chargers and faux flowers.

Cute little lamb for Easter, a branch candle holder and a gray rose patterned dish. And lots of glass candle holders for making craft items.

With thoughts ahead to summer I picked up this shell pot and metal coral frame.  I thought the violet flower bowl will be nice for Easter decor, too.

I always pick up any rose dishes that I spot.  This one is from Germany.  I have a wall of rose dishes on dish hangers.  This one will be added to the wall.  The little dish with lid in the back is very shallow and hand made.  The markings on the back says it was made in 1978.  I think I will use it for a jewelry holder.

And finally this metal piece.  It measures about 48 inches by 12 inches and was made to hang vertically on the wall.  I plan to paint it with colors to match my kitchen turn it sideways, horizontally,  and use it as a metal valance over my kitchen window.  I will post pictures as I complete this project.

Happy Shopping!

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