Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning!

I hope everyone had a good New Year's and stayed warm and dry and not in any of those terribly long lines at the airports across the nation when the immigration computers went down.  

Not much time for creativity this week.  I am off to grocery shopping today to restock everything after the Holidays.

I seemed to have had a bug for a few days which has made me a little behind.  So, now that I feel better time to get busy.

The the rest of this week I will be sorting and putting away all the decorations.  Then giving the house a good cleaning.

It is funny how after the holidays are over we can't wait to get the our houses back to normal.  And have all the tinsel and ornaments gone from sight for another year.

Today is quite chilly with the snow level pretty low in elevation.  Just about a half an hours drive up the mountain the snow is still making a good show of itself.

I did work on finishing my calendars, yesterday, for the year and will post pictures of the last one I completed. 

But for now it is off to the store.

Happy Cleaning! 

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