Thursday, January 19, 2017

Painted Metal Wall Art

Here is another of my thrift store finds.  When I found it I thought the shape was wonderful but the colors would not work at all in my house. Too much of a Mediterranean look for my tastes.

So, as I always say if you like the shape the colors can always be changed.

This piece was meant to hang vertically,  I wanted it to hang horizontally.

I envisioned a white trellis with pastel plates above my kitchen window as a type of valance.

The finish has a lot of texture.  I just painted right over the entire piece with white chalk paint.

After the second coat of white I was happy with the new look.

Next I needed to paint the individual plates.  I needed to custom mix the lavender and the yellow paint to match my decor.  

Then I painted the aqua and pink with paints I already had.

As you can see in the previous photo I began to add a little bling to the plate centers using more hot glue.

Painted, dry and ready to hang.

I used to steel S hooks to hang the piece from the curtain rod over the window.  This piece now reminds me of a garden trellis.  Love it!

The colors are a perfect match to my kitchen.  This set of canisters was the inspiration for the colors scheme I used in the kitchen along with black and white check.



Happy Crafting!

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