Thursday, February 8, 2018

Vintage Market Medallion

I recently went to a vintage market.  I found an interesting metal gold colored medallion.  Not sure what it was originally intended to decorate.  And the seller didn't know either.

I decided I would make it into a pendant.

Oops, I forgot to take a photo of the front before I started to age it with Turquoise Rub N Buff patina.

Here is a picture of the really shiny backside.

There were two types of hooks on the back.  I choose to use a pair of pliers and gently bend the metal downward to touch the backside.

I added a nice coat of the patina to the center portion only.

Next I went through my gem stash and chose to place blue and green stones around the edge.

Then I added a red stone to the rose and a couple of AB stones to the bottom. Then I buffed the patina  on the bird and surrounding areas.

I used Diamond Glaze to attach the stones and then I filled the entire piece with the Diamond Glaze.

 Diamond Glaze goes on cloudy and dries clear.

Here it is drying.  I left it to dry overnight.

While the piece was drying I wire wrapped 3 crystal drops and added them to the center bottom the next day.

Here you can see the patina after I buffed and the Diamond Glaze was dry.

Finally I added a gold chain.

Happy Crafting!

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