Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Upcycled Brown Shelf

I have been using an ugly 1980's brown shelf in my craft area that my husband had in college.

It was about time it got a makeover.  

Yesterday I removed all the junk I had stored (piled) there and cleaned the shelf really well and let it dry overnight.

First I gave the entire piece a coat of white chalk paint.

Yes, I"m working in my living room, the weather is too cold to work outside or in the garage.

I gave the support legs a second coat of white.

Then using Serentiy Blue I painted all the shelves.

When the chalk paint was dry I added a few touches of gold to the spindles and the finials at on the top.

I also went to the Dollar Store and bought storage containers that fit the shelves.  I left the very top without any of the large containers.  There I added a lamp to help light this corner.

This was a quick one day job.  Now I can't wait to organize all my crafting stuff that I use when working downstairs.  My main craft room is upstairs.  But I have this little corner were I sometimes work adjacent to my sewing area off the living room.

Tomorrow will be supply sorting days.  Keeping the good stuff and tossing the junk.

  I love organizing!  This should be fun uncovering all the forgotten stuff I had piled on this shelf and putting all the stuff away in a the baskets that makes sense and makes the stuff easy to see and use.

Happy Decorating!

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