Friday, February 2, 2018

Sock Gnome Winter Version

I have noticed the cute little gnomes all over the internet and thought I would make one for winter decor.  I think gnomes are so cute for any time of year.  A good source of socks for these little guys is the Dollar Store.  For mine I am just using what I have on hand.

Although the one below has faux fur beard mine is made of eyelash yarn since I didn't have any faux fur on hand.


I started with a solid weathered gray sock for the body and a striped one for the hat that I had on hand, also.  I bought a set of 3 pairs not long ago at Costco and just didn't like the feel of them on, so they became perfect for my gnome.

After cutting the sock off at the heel I filled the toe half with rice and lightly bounce it to get the shape I wanted for my gnome.

I secured the top with some twine tied tightly with a knot.

Next I cut the striped sock at the heel.

Using hot glue I pinched the top of the hat in the back and glue to a point.

Next came the nose.  I cut a square of muslim fabric placed a cotton ball in the center formed a ball and tied securely.

Then using hot glue I glue the nose in place under the hat before I glued the hat in place.

Next came the beard.  I cut a piece of white felt into the shape of a beard and hot glued rows of the eyelash yarn to cover the entire piece of felt.

I cut a notch at the top of the beard to fit around the nose and hot glued the beard in place.

I also bent the hat to the left and added a flower with a little of the yarn.

Happy Crafting!

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