Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Trio of Popsicle Stick Frames

One more popsicle stick project.  A set of three frames.

First step was to glue the sticks into 3 squares.  Then I cut extra sticks to fit on the back side to fill in and make the back of the frames flush.

Using hot glue I added the extra cut sticks to the back of each of the frames.

I wanted some dimension to the frames.  Using paper clay I molded 3 small roses and using white glue I added one to each frame.

While the clay was still wet and using the pointed end of a paint brush I made a small indentation in the center of each rose making a spot to glue a gem in place when the paint was dry.

With pink chalk paint I painted all three frames.

Next I went through my stash of papers and selected 3 coordinating patterns to glue to the back of the frames.  And cut each to size.

When the paint was dry I glued gems to the center of the roses for a little sparkle.

I gathered a few things to add to the frames.  Buttons and fussy cut images.

I chose 3 of my handmade flowers.

And a few more embellishments.

I had this vintage trim I decided to use to connect the 3 frames together.

Finally I divided the embellishments and glued them in place on the 3 frames.

Happy Crafting!


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