Friday, December 22, 2017

Vintage Fair Finds

While driving home this guy was standing at the street corner staring at us when we stopped for the red light.  This is a really busy street in the middle of town.  Yet the wild turkeys are thriving.  It is said they are one of the most successful reintroduction of wildlife in the country.  They are everywhere.

Here is the only vintage item I found this month.  It is about two feet long and looks to be an old piece of oak trim.  I think I will make a skinny sign with it.

I also bought these little pieces of bling.  They were only $3.00 each.  The little round crown fits on an old bottle I bought a few months ago.  

 I decided to make a pair of earrings for the Holiday Season from the round rhinestone balls. Haven't decided how I will use the crown pin, yet.

I went to my stash and gathered a few items.

I began with the rhinestone balls for the bottom piece.

And added to them from there.

They look like just the thing for this time of the year.

Happy Crafting!

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