Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Apple Hill Trip 2017

This year's trip to Apple Hill was a gorgeous day.  Blue skies and warm.

Every year it is fun to visit a few different ranches plus some of the all time favorites.  There are over 40 ranches in this small area of the county, Larsen Valley, which is named after one of the original ranchers.

We started our visit at Larsen Ranch this year.  And since we went during the week the crowds were much smaller.  On the weekends it can take hours to make the 45 minute drive up the hill because there are so many out of area visitors.

They were in full swing boxing and transporting apples to market.

Love the old rusty vintage truck on display....

...and the old wooden wheel.

Another stop was a visit to High Hill Ranch for a slice of Apple Pie and a little crafters shopping.

And Mother Nature was displaying her beautiful Fall colors.

There parking lot is among these beautiful tall pine trees.  It is such a magical place for visitors from all over California and beyond.

Happy Travels! 

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