Friday, December 1, 2017

New Butterfly Mold

Just received a new silicone mold in the mail that I ordered.  It is so cute and has 3 graduated molds.  Perfect for adding to future projects.

I used no heat air drying paper clay and dusted my molds with a tiny bit of corn starch for easy release.

After pinching off a small piece I kneaded the clay for a few seconds, rolled into a ball and pressed into the mold.

Making sure not to overfill the mold and press in evenly.

Next I used the side of a paint bottle to roll over the clay to make sure it is in all the details and as even as possible.  You can use anything round and smooth like a glass or a bottle side.

Then carefully roll the mold and gently remove the the clay and allow to dry.

I made the different sizes and let them dry, one flat and 3 with the wings up.

Once they were dry overnight I painted one of the butterflies with acrylic paint just to see how it would look.  

These can all be painted to match any project.

I love how all the detail shows.  Guess I will have go dig out my other shaped molds and see what I can make for future embellishments.

These mold can also be filled with hot glue, painted and used for embellishments.

These are so expensive when purchased at the craft stores.  It is very easy to make a ton of these for just a few pennies.  Wow!  

Happy Crafting!

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