Thursday, December 7, 2017

Wooden Tray Makeover

I found this little tray at TJ MAXX awhile back in the discount aisle.  As always, loved the design but not the color so much. Too much of a sage green.

I was hoping this tray would fit on the top of my bread box to hold my most used spices.  And sure enough it is a perfect fit.
See the makeover of this breadbox on post dated April 10, 2017.

My first step was to paint the main body the same color I used on the breadbox, the pretty aqua color.

Then I decided to highlight all the open cutwork on the sides with white paint.

It almost makes it look like lace and I love the way the white brings out all the detail.

I took the tray outside to take this picture.  

This little tray is so pretty now, much lighter and airier in appearance.  

Here it is sitting atop the breadbox.

No more worries of the bottles falling off the top when I am busy cooking.

Happy Crafting!


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