Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Bushel Basket Makeover.

I have a couple of bushel baskets I have had hanging around the garage for at least 40 years.  I finally found a use for one of them this year. I am using it as a container for my Christmas tree.

I know 40 years.  But when you find something really neat but don't have a use for it but just can't bring yourself to toss it out, it just sits collecting dust until just a the right project comes along.

I found these baskets in an old barn that belonged to an early pioneer in the area where I grew up.  I never really payed much attention to them.  But this year when I decided to paint one I noticed a very faded stamp.  I can't quite make out the date but it is either 1898 or 1893.

So when I painted this basket I made sure not to paint over that stamp, instead I covered the area with a clear acrylic varnish to preserve the area.

I decided to paint it white and a blue green.

I painted the vertical wood white making sure to leave some of the woodgrain visible.

The horizontal wood I painted with the blue green paint.  I am really happy the way it turned out.

And here it is with our 4 foot tree sitting in the basket.

I have both sitting on my curbside find trunk I also repainted.

Happy Decorating!

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