Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Cute Little Monkey Lamp

I pulled this poor little lamp, that has seen better days, out of storage. I wasn't crazy about the colors, either.  The little candle on the right side was broken off.

First thing I did was to glue the candle back in place.

Next, I repainted the base gray and added drips to the candles using white chalk paint.  I also painted the candleholders gold.

Then I painted the shirt white and the first coat of aqua paint on the coat.  I also painted the monkey with brown acrylic paint and his pants and vest black.

Now his coat has 2 coats.

Then I painted the lamp shade, no more red.

Using acrylic brown paint and a little water I worked the brown paint into the fabric.

Then added the aqua to the top and bottom bands.  

Using hot glue I added little flame tips to the candles and painted them with yellow and orange. The final thing I did was to paint the vest and stripes down the sides of the pants with a high gloss finish to give them the look of satin.

And here he is setting on the shelf in the kitchen I recently finished .

Happy Crafting!

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