Friday, November 17, 2017

A few Things That Were Handed Down

I grew up in a family where out of five siblings I was the only girl child of my generation.  My uncles had no children.  So when it was time to pass things along to the next generation I was the one they left things to.

I wish I had a little history on where some of these things came from.  But even without knowing 
that I think these are interesting and part of our American Heritage.  Being a lover of history and growing up in the Gold Country of California I find these old items to be interesting and should be cherished and handed down to a new generation one day, if anyone is still interested in the good old days.

These are just some fun old items from a bygone days, most are from the 1800's, not worth very much but they do make for good topics of conversation.

I love the leather work of the deer in the center of this old black powder horn.  It looks well worn and loved as there are signs of repair.

This is an old wooden postcard with carvings depicting the wagons coming west with the Native Americans on the hill.

And speaking of Native Americans this is a very old picture of Chief Red Cloud sadly wearing white man's clothes. I am sure his native wear was much more comfortable to him.

Please excuse the reflections in the next two pictures.  I just couldn't get a shot that didn't reflect the opposite gallery wall of pictures.

We live near the California State Capital of Sacramento.  These next two pictures are of the early town and the new state capital building.  Today none of this is visible except for maybe the very top of the capital dome.  Trees and high-rises block the view.

Catholic Cathedral in center

Early State Capital

Not far up the hill is the spot where gold was discovered in 1848, this picture is of the raising of the James Marshal Monument pointing down the hill to the spot he discovered the gold.  This statue stands on California's shortest highway which goes around the monument and is only 1/2 mile long, State Highway 153.  The statue was erected in 1890 by the state Legislature at a cost of $5,000.00.

This old leather-bound photo book contains pictures of early Sacramento businessmen.  I wish I knew their names.

A pair of handmade vintage snowshoes, still in good condition.  I bring them out for Holiday decorations.

And here are a couple of scales.  The first one is an old gold scale, the drawer is filled with Native American Trade beads.

This second piece is an old Chinese Opium Scale in a bamboo carved case.

The bar of the handheld scale I believe is carved bone with weight marks carved along it's length.

This plate is from Hot Springs, South Dakota in the 1800's, part of the Badlands and is now a town of about 3,700 people.

Now heading to Promontory, Utah this is a 3 piece paper fan commemorating the driving of the final spike in Transcontinental Railway.  I have it standing in my china cabinet.

Now from farther East this old newspaper from Vicksburg is interesting reading.  I have no idea how long it has been in this frame.  I would love to see what else is written on the other side, however I am afraid it would crumble if I were to touch it.

Staying with the Civil War this is an old picture of Stonewall Jackson.

And finally this clock statue of Teddy Roosevelt, dated 1899.  Sometime over the years Teddy lost his head and the statue has been repaired but what is amazing the clock still works.

It was amazing to me when I started looking around the house to write this post.  I see these items everyday and have seen them for almost as long as I can remember. You see them but you don't notice them.  I forget how special they really are.   But putting them all down in one place seems like a pretty interesting collection of items that have been handed down to me.  I feel lucky to be the current caretaker of these little pieces of our history.

Happy Collecting!

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