Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weekend with the Artists

The beginning of March we were invited to a weekend with 3 artist at The Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay.  We spent 4 days surrounded  by art and artist and art auctions.

It was a great weekend except for the weather.  It rained the entire time.  I so wanted to go down to the shore.  Oh well, maybe we will drive back down there on a hot day this summer to enjoy the spectacular views and cool ocean breezes.

 The drive over to the coast was dark and threatening but dry.  It didn't began to rain until after we arrived at the hotel.

It was nearly dark when we arrived at the Ritz and the wind had started blowing.  We where in for a major storm on the coast.  So glad the event was at our hotel.  No driving necessary.  At one point the hotel went on generators during the evening as the storm knocked out the power.

We could barely see the ocean from our room the weather had turned so bad.

But our room was great and very cozy, every night when we came back to our room there was soft music playing, lights dimmed and a crackling fireplace video playing on the TV.

Huge bath with tub and shower.
Even had an espresso machine in the closet.

The first night the artist appeared in costume as a "Rocky" character and drew an upside down drawing.

And when he turned the drawing right side up it was a fighting olive.

Yes, the artist was the olive guy, Michael Godard.
  He is a really neat person with a great story of painting inspired by the loss of his daughter.  He gives so much to charity to help kids.  Great guy.

 Michael Godard with Mr.K

This was his newest painting. It sold that day at auction for over $150,000.00.  I couldn't believe my ears as 2 couples bid against each other and the pair on our right won the final bid.  Wow!  Way out of our price range.

The next day I took a few pictures through the windows of the storm.  If the weather had been good there would have been a bagpipe player on the golf course at sunset.  Bummer didn't get to hear him.

The second day's artist was Tim Yanke, who paints a lot of Southwest style pieces.  Indian headdresses, dragonflies and Native American images.  He does a lot of work with the Native American people to help get there story told.  Here we are posing with him and a few pieces of his work we bought. I love dragonflies and these 2 where gorgeous.

And on the final day the artist was Marko Mavrovich.  He paints in a beautiful impressionism style that brings to life the views he captures.
Marko Mavrovich

Marko began this painting as we where watching.  Twenty minutes later this turned into a beautiful field of poppies.  Truly beautiful.  It sold at auction the next day for a little over $4,000.00.

Mr. K and Marko
And as we departed on Sunday Morning the sky cleared and the sun came out.

It was still too windy and cold to go to the beach. But the day turned out to be great for the drive home.

Happy Travels!

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