Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Painted Hills

I snapped these pictures from the car as we where driving home from the port.  The hills look like the have been painted with orange color.

These wild poppies are the California State flower.  There aren't many places anymore where you can see this many of them from the road.  When I was a kid they grew along just about every road in California.

There were also pretty yellow and lavender patches of wildflowers along the highway. But the sight of so many poppies was truly amazing.

Spring is in full bloom.  We will have to go for a ride in the hills as it seems like this is a very plentiful year for wildflowers.  This is my favorite time of year when the trees and flowers are blooming and the grasses have the beautiful spring green carpet of fresh grass just emerging from a long winter's nap.

California Poppy

These are such delicate flowers.  They are as thin as tissue paper and each bloom only last for a short time.

As we where driving around a bend in the road all of a sudden the hills where covered with millions of orange poppies.  Another reason California is called the golden state.

Sorry for the blotches on the picture, our windshield was dirty but I couldn't resist the shot of millions of orange poppies as far as you  could see.

Happy Travels!

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