Thursday, March 31, 2016

Next Adventure Hawaii.

This Hawaiian Cruise took us to 4 islands in Hawaii, The Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, Kauai and Oahu over the course of 15 days.  And of course, thanks to the Jones Act of 1920 we made a quick stop in a foreign port, Ensenada,  on the way back home.

This is the ship off the coast of Maui. it doesn't look all that large from this shot but it carries almost 4,000 passengers plus crew.  A small floating town.

These next two pictures will give you a little perspective of its size.  I stood in the middle of the ship and took a picture looking in each direction down our hallway.  You can just barely see the end of the hall each direction.  And this ship had 16 decks plus a couple of half decks. No lack of exercise here, it seemed every other activity I was going to attend was on the opposite end of the ship.

There where stage shows in the evening.  Art auction on sea days, craft classes, bingo, language lessons, music lessons, a casino. Swimming and relaxing.  Activities day and night.  Or you can chill on deck or on your balcony and just read a good book.

We had great food, too.  I really enjoyed the salad bar in the buffet for lunch.  But of course there where decadent foods, too, like lobster and prime rib, scallops and prawns just to name a few.  And of course desserts.

And tropical drinks.

Great coffee bar and fresh Gelatos.

There was a huge movie theater where we saw first run movies like Ant Man and Spectre.

Beautiful flower arrangements throughout the ship.

Beautiful ship decor.

Multiply swimming pools.  This one was just a few doors from our cabin.

Breathtaking sunsets.

And spectacular full moons over the ocean.

I love cruising, unpack once and see the world without worry of driving or flying.  My hotel goes with me.  Over the years we have made friends with many of the people who work onboard and have stayed connected through social media.

Oh, I can't forget there is duty free shops onboard, too.  

I hope if you love the sea as much as I do that one day you can cruise to new adventures.

My favorite cruise line is Princess.

Happy Travels!

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