Monday, March 28, 2016

Dollar Store Cross

Didn't have time to make much for Easter only being home from our trip for a few days.  But I thought I would share my Dollar Store clothes pin cross I have hanging on the front door.  It measures almost a foot in length. 

I began by separating the metal clip from all the pins.  Then I laid out the pattern I wanted to glue together and started in the center glueing them using white glue.  I glued the pieces together and laid them on my work table to dry.  It took awhile to make each arm of the cross.  I did the short ones first, then the top and bottom.

The next day I lightly stained the wooden cross with brown distress ink.  Then cut ribbons and hot glued those to each arm of the cross.  Next I made ribbon loop for hanging and hot glued that to the top back side.  I then added the light lavender bow with hot glue. Next I added some crepe paper flowers I made that where left over from another project and a few sprays of pearls.

This project would cost under a dollar to make depending on the size you decide to make.  More time than money.

I think 12" is probably as large as I would make this cross or it might get too heavy.  I thought this was a good size for the door.

Happy Crafting!

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