Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Good News and Not Such Good News

The good news is that my vacation has been extended until March 25th,  the not such good news is I won't be back to this blog until the 27th.

We will have been on 5 cruises in 5 months leaving from 2 different ports, a week in L.A. an art retreat in Half Moon Bay, CA. Drove to L.A., 400 miles each way, twice.  And spent a few days on land to catch up on laundry and other necessities from time to time.  

We have seen art, renown artists, volcanoes, whales, more whales, Mexican villages and lots of ocean.

I have tons of new projects and ideas for this blog.  So see you then.

Can't wait to get back home to start crafting, painting, decorating, gardening, and cooking again.

San Pedro Harbor

Happy Travels!

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