Monday, August 28, 2017

Road Trip to the Mountains

We usually like to get away during August or early September to escape the heat of the valley for a few days.

It was an amazing drive to our destination of Hope Valley.  With all the rain this last winter the drive was spectacular.

We ran into rain on the drive up the mountain which created mist on the roadway.

The scenery was so beautiful after our wet winter.  I have never seen the moss so thick and bright on the tree trunks.  The shades of greens were so beautiful.

The mountain lakes are filled to the brim.  Plenty of water for this year.

And still there is snow on the mountain peaks.  Something we haven't seen in late August in many years.

I snapped this as we were driving past.

 What an amazing view of the Carson Valley with rain in the mountains.  This rain also brought lightning and by the next day there was a forest fire in these mountains.

Speaking of fire, the next day we drove into Carson City, NV.  Again lighting and a fire quite close to Hwy. 395 and the businesses along the road.

I caught a shot of this fire storm as we were driving.  It took many many fire trucks, 2 helicopters and an air tanker to save the building and put out the fire.

This was the view from our cabin in the woods.

There were wildflowers and other blooms showing off all over the resort.

And just before sunset a chubby Marmot came out to eat.

I took a couple of pictures of old barns.  I love the look of them and just can't help taking pictures while they are still standing.  So many have fallen into disrepair. 

Back at the resort I love how the cabins are tucked in between the Aspen Trees.  Those trees make the prettiest rustling sounds when the wind blows.

It was good to see the bumblebees enjoying themselves on these flowers.  We don't see the yellow and black bees at home anymore, just the plain black variety.

The day we drove home the rain had stopped and there were just a few clouds in the the beautiful blue sky.   We had to say goodbye to the gentle temperatures and head back to the valley to our lovely  100 plus degree days.  Can't wait for Fall to arrive.

 Happy Travels!

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