Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Repurposed Coffee Table

Now that I have the living room back in order I decided our glass and metal coffee table was just too large.  Even though I like the shape it just took too much space.

So I started looking for something smaller and something with storage.

I really liked the size of this trunk but the price was just under $140.00.  Not in my budget.  Plus I wanted one with more of a French cottage look instead of the farmhouse look.

Then I remembered there was a trunk in the garage that my Mother had covered with fabric about 20 years ago.

I found it was plain unpainted wood once I removed all the fabric.  (Forgot to take a picture before I started).  

I was kind of excited once I saw what I had to work with.  The first thing I did was to paint it with white chalk paint.

Once the outside was dry I taped off stripes for a French look on the top and painted the stripes in a French blue.

I used a French stencil on the Front of the trunk using the same blue paint.

Once it was dry I moved it into place filled it with my seasonal living room decorations.

And on the top I decorated my freshly painted table with a few Summer items and white fairy lights.

I love the usefulness and size of the new table.

top view of stripes

Happy Decorating!

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