Thursday, August 31, 2017

Painted Angel Wings Mixed Media

I have seen a pair of these rustic angel wings on Internet from 'The Little Bluebird Gallery" and thought I would make my own.

I began with a white primed canvas, 10 inches by 12 inches.  I painted the entire canvas with a dark gray acrylic paint then I went over that with a lighter gray paint and before that dried I made a rough outline of a pair of wings.

Using a palette knife I used white paint to sketch in the wings and let them dry.

Next I used Mod Podge to add a few pieces of white lace paper doilies, music paper  and paper roses to my wings.

Then I used Mod Podge to add some texture to the wings and let that all dry overnight.

  The next morning, again using a palette knife, I added some blue, aqua and brown paint to the wings and after those were dry I went over all that with white paint, leaving a little of the color showing through.

Next I added white, aqua and a few touches of silver to the background.  Then let all that dry and gave the final painting a coat of sealer to finish the piece.

This was my first attempt at using a palette knife to paint these rustic shabby wings.  Can't wait to try this technique again.  When these wings were dry I hung them on the wall in our living room.

Happy Painting!

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