Monday, January 22, 2018

Unfinished Table Redo

I have been wanting a new small kitchen table.  So, for Christmas my hubby gave me an unfinished drop-leaf table, moulds and stamps to finish the table.

 Assembly was very easy, just 8 bolts to attach the legs.

I used paper clay and this mould set to add details to the table.

I immediately glued the medallions to the table skirt and legs.  You can see a sneak peak of the stamps I also planned to use.

Then I painted the legs white and the top gray using chalk paint.

When the white paint was dry I went over the raised areas of the medallions with gray to make them pop.

Next I used white chalk paint with the rubber stamps and stamped the top of the table.  I also added gray stripes to the skirt of the table and applied gray to the bottom few inches of the table legs.

I stamped a random medallion pattern to the top.

And the last thing I did was to wax the entire piece.  Love my new little table.

And of course my assistant did her final quality control check.

Happy Crafting!

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