Friday, January 26, 2018

Shabby Chic Faux Mounted Deer

For the last couple of years I have had my eyes open searching for a faux deer head I could mount in a picture frame and decorate.  I have seen these done but couldn't find one I liked plus could afford.  This one is cute but I decided to do mine in colors to match my decor.

Here is my find.  I was at Target after Christmas and found this metal deer for 50% off.  It is a little over a foot tall and quite heavy.  Perfect for this project.

Next I found a picture frame at a thrift store that I added a little gold Rub N Buff to help it coordinate with the deer.

I chose these 2 colors of scrapbook paper to cover a piece of cardboard cut to fit the frame for the backing.

Using the black and white paper I covered the 4 corners of the cardboard by glueing it in place with Mod Podge.

Then I took the pink piece of paper and glued it diagonally to the cardboard and trimmed the overhanging corners.

Next using white rat tail trim along the line where the 2 papers meet I used hot glue to adhere the trim and give the backing a more finished appearance.

Using paperclay I molded 4 embellishments, one for each corner.

Painted them while wet with sheepskin chalk paint.

Added 2 shades of Rub N Buff, a tarnished silver and a tarnished gold combination on the raised areas when the paint was dry.  I glued them in place then hot glued the board to the frame.

Next I mounted the deer to the backing of the frame.

And finally I added a few mulberry flowers and leaves and a little lace with hot glue.

All finished and hanging on the wall.  Love the way it turned out.   The wait was worth it.  I hung him above my other creations in the living room.

Happy Crafting!

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