Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wrapping Paper Star Burst

I decided I wanted a silver and gold star burst for my front window.

I began by covering a piece of white foam core board, I cut into an 8" circle, with my choice of wrapping paper.  

Next I cut a piece of wrapping paper about 2 inches larger all around.  Then I cut tabs around the paper and glued that to my board.

Then I covered the tabbed side with a second circle of paper to cover the tabs and glued that in place.

I was lucky enough to have a grid  on the back of my wrapping paper which made cutting my paper strips really easy.

I began with strips cut 8 inches long.  All the strips are 4 inches wide.

I rolled each strip into an 8" cylinder and glued the seam.  I glued the cylinders around the edge of my circle slightly overlapping the edges.

Here is the first row completed.  Each remaining row was cut one inch shorter.  First row 4" by 8".
Second row 4" by 7", Third 4" by 6".  Deducting 1" for each row down to 4" by 3" for the last row.

First row

2nd row

3rd row

2nd to last row

After the last row I made 4 gold glittered ribbon loops plus a smaller one for the center and glued them to the center.

I hung it on my door to take the picture.  There was way too much glare to get a picture with it hanging on the window.  It ended up being about 20 inches wide.

It took me a little over an hour to complete and cost pennies to make.  Big statement for very little money.

You could use any color or pattern of wrapping paper you have on hand to match your holiday decor.

Make sure your paper is heavy enough to fall and not tear as you work with it.  A good quality paper works best.

Happy Crafting!

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