Monday, December 12, 2016

The Tree is up

Well, it is finally beginning to feel like Christmas.  The tree is up and the house is decorated.

Later in the week I am having an outdoor plug installed for the lights outside.  Then my decorating will be finished.  I have always had to run and extension cord around the house in past years.  It will be so good to have a plug at the front of the house for seasonal decorating.

This is the piece of a birdcage I bought a few weeks ago at the vintage market.

I used a dry brush technique and lightly painted the cage white leaving some of the rusty finish showing through.  Next I added some small icicle trim to the top edge and a string of battery operated white lights.

I placed it on top on my vintage trunk and used it as a surround for my Christmas tree.  It helps keep my kitty off the tree, too.

This year's theme for the tree is pink and gold with French accents. It is only a 4 foot tree but makes a big look atop the trunk and nearly reaches the ceiling.

I made all the French accent pieces like the crown on top and the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.

I have so many plans for this birdcage throughout the year.  Each season I plan to change it's look.

Merry Christmas!

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