Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Day at Daffodil Hill

This past weekend we made the drive to Volcano, CA. 

The drive over was beautiful, too.  Clear, sunny and almost 80 degrees.

Daffodil Hill is about an hour and a half from home.   Every year for as long as I can remember this private ranch in the mountains opens to the public to view their gardens for a few weekends in the Spring.  They have been doing this for at least 3 generations and people from all over California come to visit.

I remember when I was small my Grandfather first took me here.  Not a lot has changed over the years.  But the displays of flowers have grown and the number of visitors have increased.

It is located about 12 miles from the nearest well known road and there was even a highway patrol officer directing traffic there to keep the roads clear and moving because so many people enjoying the flowers.

This year was amazing after all the rains, flowers are blooming everywhere and Daffodil Hill was no exception.

I especially love all the different colors and varieties of blooms at the ranch.

There are some of the old structures still standing.

There was a break in the crowd and I was able to get this shot looking across the hill.

I love this old gnarled tree.

Happy Travels!

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