Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pretty Little Cabinet Refinished x 2

I found this little cabinet in a resale store.  It was dated and in pretty rough shape.

The first thing I needed to do was to glue the entire cabinet back together.

I decided I wanted to eliminate most of the hearts.  In order to hide the hearts I cut pieces of chipboard to cover first the top decorative piece and glued that in place.  I sanded the edges to smooth and contour with the wood.

Next I did the same thing with the door panels.  I also replaced the wooden knob with a sparkly glass knob.

I had this pretty glittery piece of scrapbook paper that I cut to fit over all the chipboard.

Next I painted the entire piece with an off white chalk paint.

Then glued and sealed the scrapbook paper to cover all the chipboard.  At this point the cabinet was finished and ready to hold small items in the half bath.

But it just looked dingy to me.

Although it looked nice it just wasn't for me.  So I set it aside until I could decided how to make it a better match to my decor.  If you have read any of my posts you can see I like items that are more of a bright white.  However, the paper I had chosen was such a good match.

Then it hit me.  I took some of the bright white chalk paint and using a paper towel I smudged a little of the white paint over the lightest area of the paper to lighten it up enough so I could paint the whole cabinet bright white.  When the paint was dry I lightly distressed the edges of the cabinet with a fine grit sandpaper.


That did it, now she is ready to stand in the half bath to hold extra bars of soap and other small items.


Happy Decorating!

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