Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Anniversary Trip

We got away to the middle of nowhere.  Actually we stayed at Sorensen's Resort in Beautiful Hope Valley, CA.  No cable, no internet, no TV.  And almost unchanged from the time the first settlers came out West.  I have heard if you fly over the area you can still see the wagon ruts from the early wagon trains moving west over The Emigrant Trail.  So many animals and wagon wheels rolled over that the ground and it is so compressed nothing grows in those ruts.

Back to our stay. There are 35 cabins at Sorensen's nestled in the woods among the Whispering Aspen.  So peaceful and beautiful. The first night there a group of us from different cabins had a huge bonfire and ate S'more and talked into the night.

One night we had a Marmot on the steps.

 The property was so gorgeous and these two topiaries where sitting by the pond fishing.  There where others climbing trees.  Really cute. And all made by a local artist.

One day we drove over to Lake Tahoe.  Beautiful day but the wind was howling at 35 MPH with whitecaps on the water. The next  day we went to Genoa, Nevada.  It is the oldest settlement in Nevada.  While there I checked out all the Antiques Shops.  Something I love to do. In one of the shops I found this 100 year old ladies writing desk.  I fell in love instantly and best of all it was marked down half price.  I found my Anniversary present.  I just love it and adore the 8 little claw feet.

So I moved our luggage around in the SUV, in it went and came home with me. Thank you hubby for the great Anniversary gift.
For right now I am going to use it for my sewing table.  May later I will use it in the center of the room for a desk because the backside is as beautiful and the front.

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