Thursday, December 7, 2017

Wooden Tray Makeover

I found this little tray at TJ MAXX awhile back in the discount aisle.  As always, loved the design but not the color so much. Too much of a sage green.

I was hoping this tray would fit on the top of my bread box to hold my most used spices.  And sure enough it is a perfect fit.
See the makeover of this breadbox on post dated April 10, 2017.

My first step was to paint the main body the same color I used on the breadbox, the pretty aqua color.

Then I decided to highlight all the open cutwork on the sides with white paint.

It almost makes it look like lace and I love the way the white brings out all the detail.

I took the tray outside to take this picture.  

This little tray is so pretty now, much lighter and airier in appearance.  

Here it is sitting atop the breadbox.

No more worries of the bottles falling off the top when I am busy cooking.

Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Wooden Plaque with Bird

I  began with a plain unpainted wooden plaque that measures 12" x 12".

I also used wired twine and green leaves by the yard.

After sketching out the word love I formed the twine into the word "Love".  Then using hot glue a attached the leaves to the back of the word.

Next I set this aside until the plaque was finished.

I used white chalk paint for the first layer and lightly brushed it over the entire surface leaving parts of the bare wood showing through.

Next I randomly used these two colors to fill in the bare spots.

Still leaving some bare spots.

Here is the rough sketch I drew for the bird on a scrap piece of paper.  I covered the reverse side with pencil lead and made the tracing onto the wood plaque.

Here is the bird transferred to the plaque.

I painted the bird in white first to make the final colors on the bird pop.

Then I painted the bird, flower, leaves and red berries.

Added yellow berries, highlights and gray shadow around the images.

I also hot glued the twig for the bird to stand on.

And here is the plaque after the word was hot glued to the plaque and all finished.

 Then I turned around and there was my assistant and she is posing next to my tote bag that has here pictures all over it.  I wonder if she knew how cute she looked sitting there?  She is such a little diva.

 Happy Crafting!

Friday, December 1, 2017

New Butterfly Mold

Just received a new silicone mold in the mail that I ordered.  It is so cute and has 3 graduated molds.  Perfect for adding to future projects.

I used no heat air drying paper clay and dusted my molds with a tiny bit of corn starch for easy release.

After pinching off a small piece I kneaded the clay for a few seconds, rolled into a ball and pressed into the mold.

Making sure not to overfill the mold and press in evenly.

Next I used the side of a paint bottle to roll over the clay to make sure it is in all the details and as even as possible.  You can use anything round and smooth like a glass or a bottle side.

Then carefully roll the mold and gently remove the the clay and allow to dry.

I made the different sizes and let them dry, one flat and 3 with the wings up.

Once they were dry overnight I painted one of the butterflies with acrylic paint just to see how it would look.  

These can all be painted to match any project.

I love how all the detail shows.  Guess I will have go dig out my other shaped molds and see what I can make for future embellishments.

These mold can also be filled with hot glue, painted and used for embellishments.

These are so expensive when purchased at the craft stores.  It is very easy to make a ton of these for just a few pennies.  Wow!  

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Cute Little Monkey Lamp

I pulled this poor little lamp, that has seen better days, out of storage. I wasn't crazy about the colors, either.  The little candle on the right side was broken off.

First thing I did was to glue the candle back in place.

Next, I repainted the base gray and added drips to the candles using white chalk paint.  I also painted the candleholders gold.

Then I painted the shirt white and the first coat of aqua paint on the coat.  I also painted the monkey with brown acrylic paint and his pants and vest black.

Now his coat has 2 coats.

Then I painted the lamp shade, no more red.

Using acrylic brown paint and a little water I worked the brown paint into the fabric.

Then added the aqua to the top and bottom bands.  

Using hot glue I added little flame tips to the candles and painted them with yellow and orange. The final thing I did was to paint the vest and stripes down the sides of the pants with a high gloss finish to give them the look of satin.

And here he is setting on the shelf in the kitchen I recently finished .

Happy Crafting!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Best Way I Have Ever Cooked Bacon

What is it they say about bacon?  For every piece you eat,  your life will be one day shorter.  So I read at that rate I should have died in 1702.  Funny!

But that brings me to the age old problem, what is the best and easiest way to cook the bacon.

Bacon is always so messy to cook plus I don't like all the grease that is left on the strips.

I have read all the ideas and tips on the internet about the best way to cook bacon.  And so far I have not been pleased with any of them.

Then it occurred to me to try something a little different.

I preheated the oven at 375 F

 Then I started with a 1/4 sheet pan with a cooling rack inside to fit.

Next I placed a silicone baking mat over the rack.  

Then add the bacon.  Making sure there is a little clearance on all sides so the grease will drip into the 1/4 sheet pan and not run over the edge.

I start with a timer of about 15 minutes and add 5 minutes at a time until the desired crispiness is reached. I usually do this while I am cooking something on the stove that way it is easy to keep an eye on its progress.

Remove from oven and place a spoon under one long side of the sheet pan so the remaining grease can drain off and the bacon can cool.

Use at once or wrap and store in refrigerator to use on sandwiches or crumble as needed.  Use within a few days.

The strips cook and the grease collects in sheet pan and bacon is not greasy.  

Let the grease cool, wipe out pan with paper towel and toss in garbage.  Wipe off the baking mat also with a paper towel and toss.  Then wash pieces you baked with in hot soapy water.

No grease down the drain to create clogged drains and no splatters.  Finally a great way to cook bacon without mess plus the bacon stays pretty flat which is great for using in BLT sandwiches.

Happy Cooking!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a peaceful day with family and friends.