Thursday, January 18, 2018

DIY Metal Cloche

I have been seeing the metal screen cloche everywhere.  Then I saw a way to make one on Pinterest using a metal downspout strainer. I thought they were so cute but too expensive to buy retail.  Time to get crafty.

I began by wiring the opening along the back together on the strainer,  next I gently pushed and pulled the strainer into an bell or cloche shape.

I used my IOD mould  and paper clay to form a medallion in which I removed the center, making room to add the Tim Holtz crystal knob.  

Then I screwed the knob and medallion to the top and painted the medallion and strainer with a copper colored acrylic paint.  On the new cloche wire I painted the wire with a hit and a miss application, not covering the entire wire.  Leaving parts of the silver wire showing to give an aged appearance, you could also spray paint the entire piece white or black.  

I shaped the bottom of the edge to fit a couple of candy dishes I own.  One red and clear and the other blue.

This little Hummel figurine belonged to my hubby's mother.  It fits perfectly.

Here is a little blue angel in the blue dish.

It even looks good all by itself just sitting on the table.

And best of all the whole Cloche cost under $5.00.

Happy Crafting!


Monday, January 15, 2018

Second Cruise in December

Our second cruise left from the same port of L.A. and after 3 days at sea we reached Puerto Vallarta, again.  This time we took an excursion to visit a Tequila Factory.  Where we walked through the steps of tequila manufacturing.  

agave plant

The beginning of our tour was a bus and walking tour. 

The Mercado along the waterfront had just been rebuilt after the huge hurricane that played havoc with the area.

The weather was perfect with a light breeze blowing off the ocean.

Then off  for a about a half hour bus drive to the the tequila factory.  The grounds were very beautiful.

We were served lunch with 3 kinds of tacos plus margaritas made with their  homemade tequila.  Wow, everything was wonderful.

We sat outside and ate as we watched the crew making the taco and cooking the shells before adding the fillings.

I took a peak into their kitchen.  It was so clean you could actually see yourself in the floor.  

A huge stack of harvested Agave plants.

Got a kick out of the restroom sign.  I guess this saying even goes on in Mexico.

Our tour took us back to Puerto Vallarta past small villages and numerous roadside fruit stands.

Then we were off to Mazatlan.  We had left our balcony door agar that night and as we arrived in port early in the morning we were awaken by the sound of roosters crowning and tropical birds.  Such  strange sounds to wake up to when you don't realize you are near land.

Huge Frigat birds where everywhere with the occasional Pelican swopping past the balcony.

Here we docked in the commercial area of the port with the sounds of town drifting from across the water.

Next port was Cabo.  The worst weather we encountered.  Pouring rain all day.  We spent the day on the ship.

The weather cleared as we left port.  Spotted this huge construction site.  Wasn't able to tell what they were building.

We arrived back in L.A. before dawn.  Nice view of the area as we arrived.

That was the end of our December adventures.  Time to drive home.  It was good to be back on land after 17 days at sea.

Happy Travels!


Friday, January 12, 2018

December Travel Part 2

The next day we arrived at Loreto Mexico.  One of my favorite spots in Mexico.  Population of 15,000   people with 1/3 being Americans.  Most people speak English with the help of the Americans and Canadians volunteering at the local schools teaching students English.

There are only a few cruises each year that stop here.   The town is located about half way up the Sea of Cortez.  The town is so beautiful. It was a very hot day but the overhead foliage makes for a lovely walk through town.

This is part of the town square where there is a marker in the pavement that marks the beginning of Highway 1, the original El Camino Real, which stretches the entire west coast all the way to the Canadian border.

This hotel is farther down the from the square.  I would love to stay here someday.  So beautiful.

The lobby looks like a quiet spot to while away a hot afternoon.

This spiral staircase goes to the roof where the pool is located.

The bottom of the pool is visible from the inside of the lobby.

This is a very old church, has a lot of great details.

And here  is the mayor's house and gardens, the gate was open and he invited us in to have a look around.

 The town was filled with beautiful foliage, too.

Someone just built this grass hut.  I wonder what it's use will be.

We found a donkey cart to take us back to the dock.

So many Fishing boats.

Again a great view of our waiting ship.

The moon was so bright as we headed back out to sea on our way to Puerto Vallarta.

Spotted this Iguana sunning himself on the rocks.

View from our balcony before I headed off to shop at my favorite dress shop.

Last look at town before sailing 3 days back to L.A,

Happy Travels!