Thursday, December 14, 2017

Vintage Haberdashery Cabinet

After a long day at Apple Hill we drove back down the mountain.  To while away my time I thought I would just take a peak at Facebook Marketplace.  I have been looking to replace one of my china cabinets.

And wouldn't you know it I spotted the perfect piece.  I wasn't quite sure what it was meant to hold but I knew I had to have it.  It was listed as a china cabinet, but I think not.  So, I messaged the gal and made arraignments to be at her house at 7:00 p.m.  Mad dash home and up the hill we flew.  

  OK, it's six o'clock at night by now and the piece is up the mountain in a different direction plus we had to go home to get our larger vehicle.  As it turned out she lived way out of town on a narrow country road with no street lamps.  But thanks to our GPS we made it and we were only a few minutes late.

Here are her listing photos, hum, interesting to say the least.  I fell in love with the wood grain from these photos.  After doing some research I concluded this must have been a case that originally held clothing in a high end store near the beginning of the 20th century.  Thus a Haberdashery Store for men's wear seamed most plausible.

Once I got the piece home I could see the upper cabinet looked like it had had fabric or velvet lining on the inside at one time.  I choose to paint just this interior section not wanting fabric inside.

The first thing I did was to paint the shelves with an orange rust colored chalk paint and while that was still wet I blended in a dark coffee colored chalk paint to mimic a wood grain.

When the shelves were nearly dry I cut sheets of mirrored scrapbook card stock to line the rear wall.

Mirrored 12 x 12 sheets of card stock

Here are the painted shelves and mirrored back.

The glass panels in the doors are really old and have bubbles.

Next I lightly sanded the doors before I oiled the entire piece.  Wow, the oil brought out the grain.

It also has beautiful old brass pulls.

Left door oiled after light sanding

before oil

after oil

 I can't get over the beauty of the wood grain.  You don't see wood like this anymore and these doors are about 3 inches thick.   I knew when I saw those first pictures on Facebook this was beautiful wood but had no idea just how beautiful it really was.    All the trays and drawers have dovetailing, amazing piece.  And best of all I only paid a little over $250.00 for this gem.

This cabinet weighs a ton, I don't think there is any veneer on it, just solid hardwood.
Even the unvarnished inside of the doors had beautiful wood grain once polished.

before oil

after oil

And here she is all full of collectibles that I have acquired over the years. She is only 3 feet wide but holds an amazing amount of items.  I have divided my things by season.  Now each tray in the lower section has one season of items.  Summer, Spring Fall and Christmas for the winter tray.  I call her a she because of her beautiful curving lines and gorgeous grains.

This is the china cabinet I replaced, moving it to my craft area to hold supplies.

The back wall was very thin ugly backing board that didn't match the wood of the piece.

I used a sticky backed paper to give it a vintage look.

And here is this filled with supplies.  I intend to cover the cardboard boxes to coordinate with the back wall using scrapbook papers.

The only downside to moving these two cabinets is I pulled something in the back of my leg.  Now I am sitting with my leg elevated and an ice pack.  Hoping to heal quickly.  Not a person to sit around with my foot in the air without going bonkers.  Getting old is for the birds.  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Happy Decorating!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Apple Hill Trip 2017

This year's trip to Apple Hill was a gorgeous day.  Blue skies and warm.

Every year it is fun to visit a few different ranches plus some of the all time favorites.  There are over 40 ranches in this small area of the county, Larsen Valley, which is named after one of the original ranchers.

We started our visit at Larsen Ranch this year.  And since we went during the week the crowds were much smaller.  On the weekends it can take hours to make the 45 minute drive up the hill because there are so many out of area visitors.

They were in full swing boxing and transporting apples to market.

Love the old rusty vintage truck on display....

...and the old wooden wheel.

Another stop was a visit to High Hill Ranch for a slice of Apple Pie and a little crafters shopping.

And Mother Nature was displaying her beautiful Fall colors.

There parking lot is among these beautiful tall pine trees.  It is such a magical place for visitors from all over California and beyond.

Happy Travels! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Wooden Tray Makeover

I found this little tray at TJ MAXX awhile back in the discount aisle.  As always, loved the design but not the color so much. Too much of a sage green.

I was hoping this tray would fit on the top of my bread box to hold my most used spices.  And sure enough it is a perfect fit.
See the makeover of this breadbox on post dated April 10, 2017.

My first step was to paint the main body the same color I used on the breadbox, the pretty aqua color.

Then I decided to highlight all the open cutwork on the sides with white paint.

It almost makes it look like lace and I love the way the white brings out all the detail.

I took the tray outside to take this picture.  

This little tray is so pretty now, much lighter and airier in appearance.  

Here it is sitting atop the breadbox.

No more worries of the bottles falling off the top when I am busy cooking.

Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Wooden Plaque with Bird

I  began with a plain unpainted wooden plaque that measures 12" x 12".

I also used wired twine and green leaves by the yard.

After sketching out the word love I formed the twine into the word "Love".  Then using hot glue a attached the leaves to the back of the word.

Next I set this aside until the plaque was finished.

I used white chalk paint for the first layer and lightly brushed it over the entire surface leaving parts of the bare wood showing through.

Next I randomly used these two colors to fill in the bare spots.

Still leaving some bare spots.

Here is the rough sketch I drew for the bird on a scrap piece of paper.  I covered the reverse side with pencil lead and made the tracing onto the wood plaque.

Here is the bird transferred to the plaque.

I painted the bird in white first to make the final colors on the bird pop.

Then I painted the bird, flower, leaves and red berries.

Added yellow berries, highlights and gray shadow around the images.

I also hot glued the twig for the bird to stand on.

And here is the plaque after the word was hot glued to the plaque and all finished.

 Then I turned around and there was my assistant and she is posing next to my tote bag that has here pictures all over it.  I wonder if she knew how cute she looked sitting there?  She is such a little diva.

 Happy Crafting!